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Meet The Family June 30, 2009


Helloooo…. I am thirty years old and live in Washington State right outside of Seattle. I have four kids who you will meet in a minute and they are the light of my life. I adore them! I work as a photographer for a company that has recently downsized so I’m am looking for new ventures in life so that I can support my family. There isn’t much to say about me… you’ll pretty much get to know me in this blog if you haven’t already…LOL.


This is Matt, my oldest child. He was born in Florida on April 18th, 1999 which makes him ten years old. Matt is awesome… he is intelligent and very creative and although he challenges me every day, he also teaches me a lot, too. Matt’s into a lot of different stuff. He loves reading and is actually reading on a high school level even though he is just entering the fifth grade. He’s wicked intelligent. He’s into science and medicine and politics and religion… I am so impressed by the depth of his thinking.

He’s also a really normal kid, too. He loves his Bakkugan and video games and Star Wars… we have a lot in common! Matt is a huge help to me… he is an amazing big brother who is always there for his younger brother and sisters. I adore him beyond measure!

I always consider my house to be like a high school and if it were so, Matt would be the class president. He has a way of rallying people and leading them into many of his endeavors. LOL. Matt would also be the science geek and he’d probably roll around with his exclusive clan of Dungeons and Dragons buddies. He’s probably be found in the lunchroom sitting at a table discussing what level of Warlock he is. He’s got a smart, biting tongue on him and as I could see him getting bullied, he’d hold his own by sheer intellect…LOL.


Owen was born in Germany on March 31st, 2003. He is six years old but tends to hang out with the older kids due to his athletic nature. Owen is definitely the most physical of all of my kids and is almost always found on a bike, skateboard, rollerblades or up in some ridiculously high place he shouldn’t be playing on. If you can’t find Owen… look UP. He is typically in a tree and I have dragged him off the roof numerous times. As a result of Owen’s activities, he is also the one to usually get hurt… scrapes, broken bones… you name it.

Owen is mysterious. You never quite know what he is thinking about and he’s not quite so willing to let you in on it. He is the most shy of all the kids but he’s also the most social. He squirms when confronted by feelings but he’s easy to make friends and gets along really well with everyone he meets. He’s always surrounded by a crowd of kids and he almost always has a smile on his face.

Owen can be impossible when he wants to be. Waking him up in the mornings or trying to get him to do something you want him to do can be frustrating. But then he surprises you by giving it a hundred percent once you actually get him to comply…LOL. He’ll pitch a fit and grumble over doing it but he sure gets the job done. He is a perfectionist and cannot stand failure. He can be really particular about things at times but then at other times he’s very easy going. He’s an enigma and he fascinates me every day.

In our high school at the house Owen is the Jock through and through. He’s easily captain of the football team and the guy you’ll find pulling some sordid senior prank. Although he is Mr. Popularity, he is charmingly unaware of it, completely oblivious to the fact that there is a social ladder and he is on it. He’s the kid who will be in constant trouble for parking in the faculty parking lot but nothing more serious. Well, unless he’s busted at Prom with beer. I can see that happening. The kid drinks like a fish! (Just kidding…LOL)


Olivia was born in Texas on February 17th, 2005. She is four years old and is everyone’s Princess. Olivia is a joy but she is also s pit-fire and will let someone have it if she feels it is necessary…LOL. She can be sweet as pie and will give everyone she meets a huge hug and an “I love you!”. It’s funny to see the surprise on people’s faces when she does that… she really DOES love them. She loves everybody.

Liv likes to be outside playing with her friends… she is very social and is happy to be doing just about anything. She loves to draw and is ridiculously smart for her age… she can read a bit, write and memorize songs after hearing them just a couple of times. Olivia likes to perform. She likes to be the Star…LOL.

As purty as this little girl is, she gets down and dirty. I am constantly digging rocks out of her hair and holding her down so that I can try to locate her face beneath a layer of dirt. She’ll skateboard and play sports with the best of them but she’ll be just as quick to play Barbies and play with makeup and dress up clothes.

Olivia is really happy. She grins from ear to ear all the time. Her smile lights people up… she is a mood changer. She is also quite stubborn and opinionated. She holds nothing in… she is very vocal about issues she is having and, at times, I would wager to say she is too comfortable. She has zero qualms running through the streets naked if I might let her and there have been times when I have chased her naked butt up the road waving a pair of pants and a shirt at her. She is nuts and is always keeping me on my toes but she softens my heart a hundred times a day.

Oh, Olivia. Olivia is, no doubt about it, the cheerleader. She just makes people happy. But, she can also be a bit of a snob. She is always surrounded by a group of girls grappling for her attention. She has a new BFF every week and she is always the center of attention. Olivia comes with a sense of entitlement. She knows what she wants and she aims to get it. However, she reaches out to people and is always willing to be there to help them. She is sweetness and joy and people can’t help but to love her. The emo kids will silently resent her. The teachers adore her. She gets straight A’s with ease and brrezes through without effort. She only has the problems she she creates with melodrama…LOL.


Emi was born here in Washington on June 12th, 2007 and she is, literally, the light and joy of every person in this house. She is spoiled beyond reason and all of her older siblings just beam at her nonstop. Emi is one loved, little girl.

She is also moody… 100% Gemini. As bubbly, sweet and giggly as she can be she can turn on you out of nowhere and cross her arms and glare at you if she feels she isn’t getting her way. It is… hilarious. I try to be stern but the other kids give in and laugh and baby her and give her whatever she wants. She is going to be pure hell on me one day.

However… the hell will be worth it. Emi is a snuggle bunny and she has a way of making me feel better no matter how crazy the day has been. She’ll sing a song or do a dance or just grin at me and it’s all over. She is the huggiest child I have ever known and demands hugs and kisses every thirty seconds. I happily oblige as does everyone else.

Emi likes to do whatever everyone else is doing. She wants in on the action and most people scoot over and let her…LOL. She’ll skateboard with the kids, do art projects, help me cook, fold laundry… whatever it is, she refuses to be left out.

Emi will be the lead in all the school plays. She’ll be the one to break dress code. She’ll be the loud, outspoken one arguing with the Principal but he’ll love her anyways because she will be charming as she does it. She’ll never be a part of the “in” crowd but she’ll have a really close group of friends who she sticks with for a long time. Emi will be a hard worker but probably only at the stuff she’s interested in. She’ll be the joker and class clown and bring people as much joy then as she does now.

The Family:


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