the number 13

About Keira June 30, 2009


My name is Keira and I’m a Blogoholic. My very first blog was a place on Blogspot started a few years ago called the108 and I loved it there. The108 is where I began my journey and met most of you… and you guys became friends who followed me over to WordPress where I had The KyraSutra.

I fell in love with WordPress. I loved my blog there. The KyraSutra begat The BTR show called The KyraSutra Bares All and it was sadly shortlived since a couple of months into it our lives were sort of uprooted a bit.  Things were different back then… I was a stay at home Army wife and mother and now, after a year long hiatus, I am a single, working mother of four.

My outlook on life can often times get me in trouble. I almost always offend people. I hear that the way I speak and word things is fascinating and although I’ve never tried to be a good writer, I enjoy actually doing it. Sometimes I have nothing to share and I attempt to do so anyways and other times my brain gets full and I might suddenly blurt out some kind of deep Keira-isms.  I am opinionated but not asking anyone to agree with my opinions. I just like to write and tell stories and my life is certainly full of stories to tell.

My blog started with a number… the108.  It was  a Buddhist reference to the amount of beads on a Mala, or, Buddhist rosary.  Now, it begins again with another number… the number thirteen… but the meaning behind that one is a secret 🙂

At The KyraSutra, I spent a great deal of time churchin’ up my template and adding mad widgets to it and I paid for the domain and it was all fancified and redonkulous, really. I adored it but I no longer have the time or the resources for such crazy attentions to detail. In my line of work we refer the outcomes as “prop focused” and “subject focused”… this blog will be far more subject focused…LOL.

I will try to get around to everyone else’s blogs… I love reading! Blogs are the new “books” and I really enjoy reading different ideas and stories from everyone’s lives. Please don’t be offended, though, if I don’t make it over to visit everyday… I have four kids and life gets busy!

Love to all and it’s great to see you here… I am slowly working on my links and sidebars and I’ll make sure to add you!

Love, Keira


2 Responses to “About Keira”

  1. Jenni Says:

    Glad to have you back in the blogging world. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. just me Says:

    I lost your blog when my computer was updated but found you again! Hope you keep it up!

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