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Oh, What a Thriller July 1, 2009

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With Michael Jackson dying and whatnot his face and junk has been plastered all over creation much to the supreme annoyance of myself. He is all over the news, every magazine cover and I can’t even visit Perez Hilton anymore without dealing with the projectile of Jackson nonsense. Enough is enough!

Even the kids have gotten interested. I was inititally irritated by that as well until I found them all holed up in my living room attempting to learn the choreoghraphy to Thriller. They were serious about it, too. I have never seen them concentrate so hard on anything before. It was hilarious.

I made them redo it so that I could video tape it to show at their weddings and embarrass the shit right out of them. It simply must be done.

I keep watching it over and over again because every time I do I see more and more ridiculum. My children are so themselves on this thing… Matt is trying to be center stage, competing with his friend Zach who is clearly and easily the best dancer of the bunch. Olivia the Princess is getting all emotional over her territory and Owen gives up on the dance about halfway through to just spin around and do his own thing, jumping on people until they almost punch him in the nose.

I just sat there giggling.

This was what I walked in on after I made that adorable little video down there of Emi going night night. Such a sweet moment followed by some extreme weirdness. My kids are the greatest. Uncontrollable at times but they make me laugh.

Real blog post later… just wanted to share this and now I am off to grab some coffee.


2 Responses to “Oh, What a Thriller”

  1. NEO Says:

    I agree, he died in a sad way, but I don’t think his music was all that great and he seemed to like little boys a bit too much. Lets praise the perv! Anyway.

  2. numbr13 Says:

    Neo: I’m sick to death of people canonizing this guy… his music was great a long time ago but great music does not cancel out the whole child molesting thing. Some people think he was innocent… I do not.

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