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Night Night Mama June 30, 2009

Filed under: VLOGOGRAPHY — numbr13 @ 10:36 pm

When all is wrong in the world THIS is right…

This one was just pure sugar… plain and simple. Made my whole day.

I love her.


10 Responses to “Night Night Mama”

  1. Babylamb Says:

    Night Night Emma. That was so cute.

  2. numbr13 Says:

    Babylamb: She is the light of my life…LOL.

  3. metalmom Says:

    I wish I had a record of all the sugars I got from my kids. I think my boys would have serious issues if I asked them to recreate that now…..23 is a wee bit too old for that!

  4. numbr13 Says:

    MM: Yeah, but it would be hilarious!

  5. Bond Says:

    OH MY – She is wonderful!

    Glad to have found you again..

  6. numbr13 Says:

    BOND: I have missed you…

  7. Dayna Says:

    Hi Keira! you have a new blog and it looks great! how awesome that people from your past blog have found you also…I remember some of their screen names from before 🙂

    oh, and Emi is so adorable! I love this video so much. Sweet mommy and daughter time, treasure it…cuz too soon she will be a snotty teen – LOL

  8. numbr13 Says:

    DAYNA: Oh yes… the time had come…LOL.

  9. NEO Says:

    Very nice, kids have to justify their existence some way, and this is it.

  10. numbr13 Says:

    Neo: LOL! That is a great way to put it…LMAO.

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